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I've been sitting here, thinking about what I wanted to write about this utterly useless trash bag. I considered making this text just one word - CUNT. However, it's far more fun to just lay into this skeezer... so that's what I'm going to do. Have you ever spoken to someone that is trying to sound intelligent by using big words... but being used randomly and in the wrong context? Yeah... that's this idiot. She's a complete and utter moron. I ask her basic questions and she ends up reciting the thesaurus at me... but the question remains unanswered. Ughh... I loathe stupid people. Anyway, this scene went about as textbook as we thought it would given her cunt status. A few slaps and she was out the door. I take great solace in watching her endure the worst 2 minutes of her entire life. It's a moment I will replay over and over and over in my head. Please... forget the name Lola Monroe. She is not even a nobody... she's a never was.

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